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one time events

Now Streaming services can broadcast any of your corporate or life events. We can send you a kit and you can broadcast the event yourself, or have one of our streaming specialists come and broadcast the event for you. Much like any of our services, all of our one time event services come with our award winning customer service. Your viewers can reach out to us by phone or chat with us to discuss anything. 




Are you planning a wedding? Do you have relatives or friends that are unable to attend because of financial or mobility reasons? By broadcasting your wedding live, everyone that you hold dear to your heart can tune in and take part in your celebration. Much less expensive than even a single plane ticket!




Are you putting on a special presentation for your organization that you want to broadcast worldwide? Do you have board members or stockholders who are unable to physically attend a meeting? Now Streaming Services has you covered! Broadcast any corporate event to the public or password protect your page so only authorized viewers can watch the event. Whatever the situation, we have a solution.



Looking to broadcast your classroom and educational material to a greater online audience? Look no further. Now Streaming services is highly skilled at delivering affordable and flexible solutions to suit any of your needs. 



We have great resources for bands, venues, or concert promoters. Sell your tickets worldwide and let fans around the world tune into your performances! Click Here for a case study from one of our clients. 



Our live streaming kits are so easy to manage that you can stream a wide range of events. With the click of a button, your custom event can be broadcasted to the world, or privately to selected viewers.