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April 2016 Newsletter

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Enjoy a complimentary 8GB USB key. This can be used for extra storage for your archived videos or to simply use as a library for your content or for any other storage needs.
*Giveaway ends April 29th at 5PM MST.
This Giveaway has ended

Updated Media Library

We've updated our Media Library so that you can enjoy even more free content with simple one-click downloads. These hand picked title cards, lower thirds and more can be inserted directly into your live stream.


Introducing NowTabs 
If you have a NowWebsite, make sure to contact us about installing NowTabs to enhance viewer experience and interactions. Some features include: Note Taking, Text Messaging, Donations, Local Weather and more.  
Tip of the Month: 
Are you hosting private events that you want to stream but not broadcast ot the world? Learn more about our GEO IP Lock and Password Protection features by calling 1.877.336.8706
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Released April 28th, 2016